Hi. My name is Stephanie Brotchie and right now I am the artist in residence at 100 Story Building.

That’s me with the cans on my head, holding the zoom recorder. I am holding the zoom recorder because I am making some radio stories with the young and less-young writers, staff and volunteers who hang out at the 100 Story Building. The radio stories will then be made into a podcast called 100SBFM, which stands for 100 Story Building FM or 100 Stephanie Brotchie FM. SB are the coolest initials in the world. Sirius Black. Sandra Bullock. Silly Billy.

Making radio is really fun! Sometimes we learn about audio storytelling, microphone technique and editing. Other times we learn about how our voices really sound to other people, and are genuinely horrified. There’s lots of good learning happening. The sound of a helicopter is hard to make. Squeaky sneakers can sound the same as a mouse having a sneezing fit. Learning learning learning.

My time in the recording studio on Level 100 will result in ten episodes of a storytelling podcast, which will be available soon on the 100 Story Building website and on itunes. It’s already sounding great. We have amazing stories written by young people at the centre, read by cool grown-ups, with sound effects designed, performed and recorded by kids. We’re collaborating with some wonderful artists, performers, musicians and audio engineers. It’s awesome. I can’t wait to give it to you so you can wrap your ears around it!

This project has been made possible by the Australia Council for the Arts’ Early Careers Residency Grant.