Photo by  Abigail Varney

Short Bio/Haiku:

Artist. Producer. Writer. Idiot.

Long Bio/Memoir:

Stephanie is an award-winning artist, producer, writer and idiot. She is the creative director of DON'T BE LONELY. She is currently based in Brussels, but tours extensively around the world working for organisations and on independent productions as a creative producer, production-manager, writer, stage manager, tour manager and shoulder-to-cry-on / ray of sunshine. She is particularly interested in community work, physical theatre, comedy, interactive and immersive theatre, games, live art and work for young people.

She has spoken regularly as a representative for independent theatre practitioners on panels and industry events at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Busan Comedy Festival (Korea), Melbourne Fringe Festival, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Emerging Writers’ Festival, University of Melbourne, Monash University and has represented emerging artists in Artshub, Inpress and Frankie. She is an advocate for emerging artists in the independent theatre sector and has championed fringe work at festivals around the world.

Stephanie has also collaborated closely with both independent artists and established organisations to deliver interactive work specifically for young people. She has worked with organisations including the State Library of Victoria, National Gallery of Victoria, Next Wave Festival, Agency of Coney (UK) and Chicago Shakespeare Theatre (USA) on exhibitions, educational programs and performances. In 2012 she also created an exhibition of visual installations about humour called No-One Is Not A Joke for Kings ARI’s Flash Night Program.

Stephanie has been working in the independent theatre and comedy sector since 2010, when she co-founded and wrote with comedy group Vigilantelope. Since then, she has worked with numerous independent comedians, artists and theatre-makers including Trygve Wakenshaw, Phil Burgers (Dr Brown), Stuart Bowden, Betty Grumble, The Loungeroom Confabulators, The Listies, Vachel Spirason, Claudia O'Doherty, Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall, Pat Burtscher, Heidi O'Loughlin, One Step At A Time Like This, the Greater Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere and Look Left Look Right. 

In 2012 Stephanie received an Artstart grant from the Australia Council for the Arts, which allowed her to build this website.

Thanks to an Early Career Residencies Grant from the Australia Council, Stephanie was the very first artist-in-residence at social enterprise 100 Story Building in 2013. She made a podcast called 100SBFM there.

When not making her own work, Stephanie runs her own production company called DON'T BE LONELY, which presents exciting new independent comedy and theatre work to Australian and International audiences. DBL produces an eclectic range of live work, including physical comedy, experimental stand-up, idiot theatre, clown, character comedy, dance and other kinds of fun art.