Here are some things I have written:


The Poison Cabinet for the State Library of Victoria and LaTrobe University

The Unclassifiables: An Adventure in Learning for the State Library of Victoria with Agency of Coney

A Novelty: A Literary Treasure Hunt for Mudfest 9


For Print: 

Why Become a Producer? - Artshub, 2012

Cringe and Wince -, 2012

Paul Dances at the Dinner Table and There is Nothing Anyone Can Do About It - Early Harvest, 2011


For Stage: 

Slow Clap: Truth, 2012

Slow Clap: The Hermitude of Angus, Ecstatic, 2010


For Screen:

D.I.Y Art Films: Supermarket Musical Massacre: The Feel-good Homicide of the Century! 

D.I.Y Art Films: Fraught  

D.I.Y Art Films: Film for New Australians

D.I.Y Art Films: Happy? 


Illustration by Felicita Sala